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Brown Family Problems #2

And continuing from my previous post..

Dowry as I said earlier is kind of like a price tag. You hit the bull's eye when you get your target right on the money. It's quite a debated topic with a lot of laws in place to abolish the practice of accepting dowry; but that's all just in paper. In order to come into effect it's gonna take a long time. It basically means changing the mindset of a chunk of society which can be quite the challenge.

Another thing about Indian marriages or so would be the qualification of the bride and groom. If the bride is a doctor then she can only get married to a doctor. Equally important is your religion or caste. Getting married to a person not from the same caste or religion is like the biggest sin anyone could commit.If  He/she proceeds with a marriage of such sort, they would bring on themselves the shun of society and family. The family would practically disown you and kick you out. Trust me I am not exaggerating when I say disown. Its very true. They literally cut off all ties with you and act like you were never their children. 
Like once I had been to this inter-religious wedding, and instead of being happy for their love, all I could hear was rumblings from all the people seated, on what a bad thing these two had done. Marriage is supposed to be a happy ocassion where you share in their joy.

And now once you get married and stuff, you might think it's all over. But hey, no way it's over. There's more to come. Here's where every possible relative or friend goes on and asks you do you have any good news? ( good news means is there a baby on the way) yeah I know what you're thinking. Gosh, it's really annoying.  Can't they just be happy with the marriage. Oh hell no, they expect you to be manufacturing out babies. Oh yeah u can't just do with one. Two or three, would only be considered  the signs of a healthy marriage.

Don't even get me started on Divorce. You aren't even supposed to utter that word. How ever abusive your partner may be, you are expected to live with it. In fact, physically abusive partners would be treated as chauvinism. But this is not so aggressively followed. 

Then comes the issues for single ladies. Any young Indian girl found to be drinking might be considered a bad person. Even though you have a sip of alcohol or a mug of beer, you're an alcoholic and full of evil! Oh yeah they will be whispering behind you, "Look at that girl. No values. Her parents are to be blamed." This is more so found in reserved communities usually in south India.

And now I think I should put a full stop to it and be on my way.

Proud Indian Girl :)


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