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Where do you think you're heading?

As i stay up one night, my head, as usual, wanders into endless thoughts. One thought strikes me real hard. What exactly am i doing with my life? This question kept lingering at the back of my head. I am quite used  to these kind of thoughts that get stuck in my head. But this one was different. I couldn't quite wrap my head around getting my way around it. 

We all live in a world where we are so caught up with getting through with each day's worries. But Hey! Slow down! Take a moment. Breathe! Where the heck do u think you're heading? 

Why do you run around taking on so much worry when you don't know where you're heading to? You might think you have your future all mapped out. oh yeah you're struggling so hard : probably trying hard to get  through school, survivng university and some others; to just get a damn job with the single motto of earning enough money to live each day in a mediocre lifestyle( cause otherwise u just might end up on the streets!).  And there are still many who want to be famous or better yet earn more they can imagine. (Find themselves in the forbe's list?)
And as the question lingers on, i question my friend. And his reply stunned me. I asked him what he thought he was gonna do with the rest of his life. My friend, like most of the others(i bet) wants to find himself in a position where he can have enough money so he would be a millionaire. Well, honestly i am so opposed to materialism so i wouldn't agree with him. Hence i further questioned him. I ask him isn't it enough to earn so much so that u can just survive life and why do u need to earn more? Well he's as brainwashed as many others about me. According to him Money talks. In his defence, he says that money can do wonders. Money can buy you things. It can get you everything you want. And most of all he says, 'it earns you respect'. Well in my opinion, this is such a big misconception in people's minds. According to him, the money one accumulates leads to the building of a certain fame. Works the same way as a brand image. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. According to him, the more money a man posesses the more respect he earns. What a crazy idea! And then i ask him what happens once you are all dead and gone. True you might be remembered for a few years down the lane but after that you're just gonna end up as the guy who lived on the street. Dead and gone to the same place he's gone. So what was the use? We all know for a fact we are gonna die. There is absolutely no way of stopping that from happening. So what's the difference if you live on as the richest man on the planet or the middle class man? There's absolutely no way a man will be satisfied with the money he has. Man always craves for more. That's how the system has been formed.The more money you have, the more desires you have.

Food for thought. 'Nough said.


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